Happy 100th Birthday!

Larisa Sherman’s mom Zina Freimanis, who lives with here in Huron Woods celebrated her 100th birthday last week.  In addition to her grandchildren and great grandchildren who were on hand to help celebrate, she also received many floral tributes from friends and relatives afar, and greetings from The Prime Minister, The Governor General, and The Queen!


Date of birth February 15, 1919.

News from 1919.

  • 18th Amendment (Prohibition) adopted.
  • There was no winner of the Stanley Cup that year due to an outbreak of influenza.
  • Dial telephones are introduced by the American Telephone and Telegraph Company.
  • Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity is confirmed when the Royal Astronomical Society sees the predicted effect during a solar eclipse.
  • Mahatma Gandhi initiates his nonviolent resistance movement against British rule in India.
  • Treaty of Versailles, ending WWI and establishing the League of Nations, is signed in France.

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