RCAC Guidelines

RCAC Guidelines (Restrictive Covenants Advisory Committee)

Form   RC-102816A


GENERAL: The RCAC usually consists of at least three community volunteers and function as described below. There will also be one director acting as a liaison for the RCAC.
Your current committee members are:

RESTRICTIVE COVENANTSDave Longeway (Chair)519-539-6787
ADVISORY COMMITTEEKate Brown905-510-3251
 Joe Mayo (Liaison)519-238-1222

MANDATE: To offer advice to property owners, when requested, on issues relating to the restrictive covenants known as  Schedule “A” (Huron Woods subdivision) & Schedule “B”, (Huron Woods River East – Sandalwood subdivision) and to offer educational information to assist in managing our wood lots and properties in general.

PROTOCOL : Generally, the RCAC serves three functions as follows.

New Development: It is a requirement for the owner / builder to contact the Huron Woods Restrictive Covenants Advisory Committee to review any new plans and to arrange a site visit for this purpose. The restrictive covenants (setbacks, grades, tree removal, preferred landscape maintenance etc.) will also be discussed at this time. At least 2 committee members should be present.

Tree Removal: Reasonable cause to remove trees includes those that are dead, severely stressed or otherwise causing a safety hazard. It is requested that the committee be contacted to review these reasons with a site visit. This greatly assists the committee in monitoring the general health of our wood lots.

General Restrictive Covenant Issues: It is preferred that general issues be resolved by the parties involved. However, the committee is available, upon request, to assist in an advisory capacity as required. Any major unresolved issue may require the involvement of the Board of Directors.

Documentation: A written report will be made to summarize a site visit with a copy left with the owner. The committee copy is kept on file in the club house office indefinitely.

Owner Responsibility:  The committee operates in an advisory capacity and as such it is the owner’s responsibility to perform any work or take any action in accordance with the restrictive covenants. A waiver is signed on the visitation report to this effect. Perceived violations of the Restrictive Covenants may be pursued legally by any one or more of the Huron Woods property owners who choose to do so.

CONCLUSION: The overall objective of the committee is to aid in preserving the natural beauty of Huron Woods to be consistent as much as possible with the spirit of the restrictive covenants. To this end, however, it is necessary to receive the assistance and co-operation of all property owners.