HWCA Guide

Preserving the Quality of Life in Huron Woods:

A Guide for Owners, Family, Friends, and Renters

October 15, 2018

Huron Woods Community Association

Purpose of this Guide:

This Guide has been prepared by the Huron Woods Community Association (HWCA) to provide guidance for owners, family, friends or renters who come to stay in our community.

We are very fortunate to have property on one ofthe most beautiful lakes in Ontario. We live in a fragile area called a Carolinian Forest. It is an environmentally sensitive area and is rare in North America. We value our community safety, our good relations with our neighbors, and our environmental responsibility. This guide is intended to assist you and your family, friends and renters in having a safe and comfortable stay and to insure that we are aware of the steps we all have to take to preserve and maintain our quality of life here in Huron Woods.

Maintaining a quiet and unspoiled ambience in ”the Woods” has many benefits: aesthetic, personal and economic. Huron Woods should remain a place where the air is pure, the forests green, the wildlife abundant, the nights are dark and the loudest sound is the lapping of the waves.

Owners of property in Huron Woods are responsible for the actions oftheir family, friends, and renters. We therefore urge you to explain the few ‘rules’ to all who use your property, as a courtesy to other members of our community.

ROAD SAFETY: The Maximum Speed Limit in Huron Woods is 40km
The roads in Huron Woods are shared with adults and children walking and biking. Please exit carefully from driveways and drive with caution. The trees can obscure site lines and in the summer children aren’t always watching.

NOISE: Please remember that noise travels very easily–especially at night. We ask that if you play music or make other noise, kindly do so such that it cannot be heard beyond the confmes of your property.

FIRES: Please help protect our beautiful woodlands. Forest fires are easily set and extremely dangerous. The ground in our region is filled with highly combustible material – pine needles, leaves, twigs, etc. Smoldering embers can burst into flame hours after you have left the site. Please be responsible with your cigarettes.

”No open fires shall be lit or allowed to burn on the lands, except for the purpose of domestic outdoor cooking and then only in a metal, stone or brick barbecue device or structure.” Huron Woods Covenant #12

“Every person who sets any Open Air fire in the Municipality of Lambton Shores shall be responsible and liable for any damage to property or injury to person resulting from said fire”, Municipal By-law 26-2014.

No Fire Works are permitted in Huron Woods. Municipal By-law 16-2008.

The Grand Bend Fire Department is Volunteer. Call 911.

GARBAGE: Pickup is Tuesday starting at 7am. All garbage and recycling should be placed in the appropriate Municipal Bin. Please do not litter the side of our road or leave garbage outside at night – it attracts animals.

PROPERTY LINES: Please respect your neighbour’s property lines.

CLUBHOUSE/TENNIS COURTS: are Private and are for use by Members or Guests accompanied by a Member only.

THE BEACH: Campfires are not permitted on the Beach. Dogs must be on a Leash.

Huron Woods Community Association


1. By-law 26-2014: Being a By-law to Regulate the Setting of Fires in the Open Air and Identify the Precautions and Conditions to be Observed for Such Fires in the Municipality of Lambton Shores

2. By-law 16-2008 Fire Works: The following 2 statements in the By-Law indicate that it would be unlawful to discharge fireworks (without special permits from the Municipality) in the Community of Huron Woods.

“No person shall discharge any family fireworks in such a manner as might create danger or constitute a nuisance to any person or property, or to do or cause or allow any unsafe act or omission at the time and place for the discharging of any fireworks. ”

“No person shall set off any fireworks in the Municipality within 500 feet of any woodlands.”

3. PARKING in Huron Woods: There is No Parking on any of the streets in Huron Woods. If you are holding an event at your home, the By-Law Officer of Lambton Shores needs to be advised of this so that guests who do park on the streets can be exempt from ticketing. Call 519-238-5246

Download the guide here >>>>> HWCA Guide