Pinery Walking Schedule this Fall

Pinery Walking Schedule from September 29th, 2021 to January 5th, 2022

The Pinery Walking Group meets Wednesdays at 9:15 am at the Lambton Museum. Volunteers act as leaders. The group often divides into two, into fast and slow walking groups. They drive to the trailhead to start walking at around 9:30. Newcomers welcome!

September 29         Riverside Trail (1 km) Flat Terrain   Easy                                                                                                                                      Lindsey Ashworth Ducharm
October    6           Nipissing  (2.3 to 3 km – Hard) Hilly terrain, viewing platform                                                                                                    Molly Russel
October    13         Carolinian Trail (2.3 to 3.5 km – mid range)  Stairs                                                                                                                       Larry Taylor
October    20          Bittersweet Trail (1.5 km)  Flat terrain, Stairs, Viewing Platform Hickory Trail (1 km) (Flat terrain, Stairs                             Lindsey Ashworth Ducharme
October 27          Heritage Trail (2.3 to 5 km – easy)                                                                                                                                                  Larry Taylor
November 3          Wilderness Trail (3 km) Flat terrain Stairs to beach                                                                                                                      Lindsey Ashworth Ducharme
November   10          Cedar Trail  (2.3 to 4 km – easy) Hilly terrain, viewing platform at beach and river, stairs                                                       Sybil Tinker
Novembef    17         Carolinian Trail (2.3 to 3.5 km – mid range)  Stairs                                                                                                                        Lindsey Ashworth Ducharme
November 24          Sassafras Trail (1km) Viewing platform Stairs and or walk Bike Trail to River (1 km to 4km)      (Was Lookout)                   Larry Taylor      

December 1            Pine Trail (0.8 km)  Flat terrain   Stairs plus walk to beach                                                                                                          Molly Russell
December   8             Riverside Campground  Flat terrain,     2 to 4 k                                                                                                                             Lindsey Ashworth Ducharme
December 15           Picnic area 9 for walk to Beach  (2 km)  Feed the Birds                                                                                                               Sybil Tinker
December 22           Sassafras Trail (1km) Viewing platform Stairs and or walk Bike Trail to River (1 km to 4km)      (Was Lookout)                    Larry Taylor
December   29           Heritage Trail (2.3 to 5 km – easy)                                                                                                                                                   Molly Russell
January  5              Cedar Trail  (2.3 to 4 km – easy) Hilly terrain, viewing platform at beach and river, stairs                                                       Lindsey Ashworth Ducharme

HWCA Butterfly Garden

On the Clubhouse Grounds there is a slip of land between the channel and the pond, to the right of the birdhouse, due to the efforts and leadership of HWCA member Sharon Callon, we have a Butterfly Garden.

I asked Sharon to share the story behind the project:

“I purchased the seeds and our Habitat Stewardship Group of Huron Woods supplied the labour.  The Rotary Club of East London provided partial funding of the clubhouse pollinator plot, four on private lands in Huron Woods, another in central Grand Bend, and one in Southcott Pines.  Donation of seed to the Lambton Shores Nature Trails will result in several kilometres of pollinator garden along the rail trail in Forest. Twenty-one different plant species in the clubhouse garden will support a wide variety of butterflies, moths and insects critical to a healthy ecosystem.”

Something to look forward to next butterfly season. Thank you Sharon for all you do for Huron Woods and the broader community!

Big Bin Day

In spite of the dull weather and eventual rain, approximately 40 HWCA members took advantage of the opportunity to dispose of unwanted “stuff”.  Bill Redhead was ecstatic as some unwanted “stuff” was wood he secured for projects on the Clubhouse grounds!  We almost filled 3 Big Bins.

The volunteers agreed to shut down at 11:30 AM as it was raining hard and we had no visitors for about 15 minutes.

Thanks to our volunteers, Linda Seyler, Geoff Beasley, Leo Bax, Bob Foote, Clair Shantz, Doug Graham, Dave Buss and Bill Redhead.

Special thanks to Anne Thornton for the magnificent chocolate chip cookies.  A pleasant, tasty and very welcome surprise!

Current plan is for another Big Bin Day in September 2022.

Joe Mayo

Big Bin Day Update

We are set to go! Volunteers and bins confirmed!

Date: Saturday Sept 25.

Time: 9 AM till noon or until bins are full.

Some Final Details.

PLEASE, PLEASE do not sneak in and dump things on Friday night. It makes more work for your volunteers as we have to sort the materials into certain bins by type.  The security cameras covering the parking lot will be turned on.

Masks mandatory in the parking lot.

Please print your name and address on a piece of paper to hold in your car window.  Our host will check you in.

Thanks for your cooperation.

See you Saturday!

Your Big Bin Day Volunteers

Happy First Day of Fall!

September has been a busy month in Huron Woods. Small clubs are starting to return, we had a successful garage sale and Terry Fox fund raiser, our butterfly garden (between the pond and channel) is growing larger, fall branch trimming is making our signage more visible and Big Bin Day is coming this weekend. What an active group of busy volunteers in our community!

Today, September 22, also marks the first day of the formal implementation of the government mandated vaccination requirements. To help us move toward this current new normal, we are inviting our members to check their emails from General Mail for more details.  Members will also be invited to ask questions, make suggestions and generally, open a dialogue which will be shared with the Board and the Social Committee.  Supporting our Social Committee and those who volunteer to host activities, is so important. Our goal is to make everyone feel as comfortable as they can, accessing activities at the clubhouse this fall and winter….until things change again!

Check your email!

The HWCA Board