Old Farts CC February 14th

The Old Farts Coffee Club meeting time on Tuesday, February 14 is changed. We will now meet from 9:30 AM until 11:00 AM.  This change will allow us to be considerate of Ginger’s plan for a Valentine lunch and meet our need to solve world problems.  We could also help Ginger with setup if she wants.

As one esteemed CC member stated……… “Hearts trumps Old Farts!!”


Joe Mayo

Curry Fest

The Curry Fest was a success!  There were 40 people (including the hosts) in attendance.  Judy and Glenn Steeper transformed the clubhouse into what was referred to as “The Huron Woods Chapati House”. Soft Indian music was playing in the background and our members provided many different types of curries to choose from!  Thank You to our hosts: Val Boland, Vera and Dan Laurie, Judy and Glen Steeper