New Neighbour Meet and Greet

Hello Members,

The HWCA Directors and Club representatives are meeting with new members on Saturday May 28th @ 3:00 PM to answer any questions regarding HWCA &/or Club activities that are available. All Members who wish to attend this pre meeting are more than welcome.

The social portion of the Meet & Greet will begin at 4:00 PM I hope to see you there. 

Thank You

Mary Lynn 

Please RSVP to this event to ensure we have enough appetizers.

Tennis Court Keys


Do you have an old Clubhouse key or extra tennis lock key at home? The same key was used for both locks. The key is no longer needed for the Clubhouse. The key has a large square head and may be red or gold. If you are not needing the key for the tennis courts, could you return it to the Clubhouse?

Please return the key to the Mail Box slot on the lower deck of the Clubhouse.

Thank you!

HWCA board