Art Afternoon

If you would like to share an afternoon of sketching, painting, or playing with whatever your favourite medium is, please join us!

Tuesday October 18
1:00 to 4:00 pm
at the clubhouse

There will be a still life scene in the clubhouse for you to draw, or you can bring your own subject, or work outdoors on the beautiful clubhouse grounds.

All levels are welcome, and no fancy equipment is required. Bring your preferred media, or just paper and a pencil or pen.

Contact Anne Thornton 238-1470 or Pat Thacker 238-1415 for more info

Chili Canoe

Saturday was a gorgeous sunny warm day for the Chili Canoe Event.

The food provided by members was yet again delicious. Everyone had the opportunity to taste different types of chili, salad & dessert.  

Thank you to Leigh Swanson, James Skelton, and Judy & Dave Longeway for Hosting as well as Rosemary and Bill Redhead for stepping in to help where needed. 

I have provided a few pictures of members enjoying the day. 


Mary Lynn 

The Clubhouse Library is Full!

So…we have LOTS of books for you to choose from… but NO room for further donations at this time. 

Please consider other options. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Wherever you donate, especially if you plan on donating in bulk: ASK FIRST
  • There might be specific requirements for donations and specific times in which donations are accepted.
  • If you are donating non-fiction it should have been published within the last five years. Older than that runs the risk of spreading out of date information.

*If books are outdated or in poor condition, they won’t be any more useful to the recipient than they were to you (and then THEY have to deal with the burden of disposal).

Happy Reading!

Linda Seyler

Huron Woods Terry Fox Event

Thank you to Team Huron Woods for completing another successful Terry Fox Event! We dodged the raindrops most of the morning but we still had a few brave runners, families biking and a number of walkers. Thank you to the team who helped with set up, pictures and collecting donations. We had 20 people donate online and many who donated at the event, resulting in a grand total of $2,765 in donations. Special mention goes out to our draw winner, Stella, who received a free Terry Fox T-shirt!

We look forward to continuing to grow the event each year…..we are all connected by this cause. Thank you Huron Woods families!!

Kate Brown