Pharmacies in Lambton offering covid vaccine to age 55 and up

LOCAL Update:
The provincial government has announced three pharmacies in Lambton will start offering the AstraZeneca vaccine (to people over age 55). Vaccinations are expected to begin by early next week.

They are:
Loblaw Pharmacy (at Superstore in Sarnia)
Bright’s Grove Family Pharmacy
Forest Pharmacy

Gypsy Moth Outbreak Update

Aerial Spray Update

Thanks to everyone who submitted a contract or waiver for the aerial spray that Zimmer will conduct in May. Here is the final tally.

  • Contracts . . . . . . . 223 (75.8%)
  • Waivers . . . . . . . . . 61 (20.8%)
  • Participation . . . 284 (96.3%)
  • Non-Responders .10 (3.4%)

Because spraying is dependent on weather, notice will be given a few days in advance of the two spray dates. Payment will be requested after the first spray has been conducted. If you have questions about your contract with Zimmer, you can contact their Lambton County Coordinator, Lindsay Wakem

Check for Egg Masses

Although spraying with BTk is a highly-effective measure in controlling gypsy moths, it is not guaranteed that it will kill every caterpillar. Now is an ideal time to check again for egg masses around your property, and destroy them. With the winter dieback of ground-level brush and grasses, many people are reporting finding numerous masses they missed last fall. Check your foundations, outdoor structures and furniture, tree trunks, etc. Saturate the masses with horticultural oil, or scrape the egg masses off and soak them in a pail of soapy water for 48 hours.

Book Wagon…

While out walking you may notice that Linda or Sue have set out books at the curbside. Please help yourself.

WHEN:  RANDOM times while we are under Lockdown

WHERE:  9974 The Trail or 10300 Huron Wood Drive

NOTE:  Linda and Sue still encourage you to email us if you wish to come by to choose books, make a return or donate some books.