Website Email Notices

Hello! My name is Doug. I help out with our community website, at
Recently, we’ve had a few of our email subscribers, those that have previously chosen to follow our website, complain about the frequency of updates showing up in their email inbox.
Based on privacy laws in Canada a subscriber must have the ability to “unsubscribe” to these type of emails if they no longer want to receive them.
Our email notice does have an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the page and we have now added an unsubscribe button to the top of the page for your convenience.
Please note that most of our posts (that generate emails) are created, based on requests from our members, or the Board of HWCA.

While we love having people, and especially our members, subscribe and contribute to our updates, it is totally up to you, and you can unsubscribe at any time, using the links provided.

You can can also contact me at at any time if you’re having trouble with your email preferences or have questions about the website.
Enjoy this beautiful day.
Thank you.

Woodpecker Damage

Hello! We are relatively new to the Huron Woods community… we purchased our place just before the pandemic. 
We are looking for words of wisdom from owners of log (wood) cottages in Huron Woods. Apart from hanging shiny objects from the rooflines of their cottages, how else are people deterring woodpeckers from pecking on their cottages?
All advice appreciated: my email address is 
Thank you – Beth and David Black.

Spring TGIF (Friday April 1)

Approximately 30 people attended the Spring TGIF on Friday April 1. Members returning from Winter vacations took the opportunity to meet with their fellow friends & neighbours to get caught up on the passed and current events taking place in the Woods.
Thank you to the Whites & Smits for volunteering to organize the event and Val Boland for donating the Denny’s gift certificates. Community events would not take place in Huron Woods without members volunteering.

Grand Bend Area Health Services Foundation Golf Tournament

The Grand Bend Area Health Services Foundation is organizing a golf tournament in support of the Health Centre. There are a number of initiatives that are being looked at for the Health Centre such as a new roof and an expansion. Government grants and funding only go so far. Many residents of the community utilize services at the Health Centre so this would give them a chance to help with fundraising and enjoy a day of golf, a dinner and some entertainment.

To register please click HERE!