Restrictive Covenants

“I wanted to provide an update to the community membership regarding an item raised at this year’s (2016) AGM. We had advised the membership of Cam Ivey’s nearing intention to dissolve Cam Ivey’s company, Huron Woods Inc. That time has come, and in September 2016 Huron Woods was dissolved, and this resulted in the assignment agreement of the remaining two Restrictive Covenants items 3 and 6 to be transferred to HWCA.

The groundwork for this decision started in 1990 when Huron Woods Inc transferred the oversight of RCs to HWCA, with the exception of items 3 and 6. These items specifically involve site visits and plan reviews for new home developments with lot owners, ad had been managed by Cam Ivey. With the dissolution of his company, the Board needed to determine how to address these final two items 3 and 6. An extensive review with the Restrictive Covenant Committee (RCC), Board directors, legal counsel and insurance broker led to the conclusion to include items 3 and 6 under the management of HWCA, notably RCC.

Therefore, the RCC will continue to meet with lot owners to advise and educate them regarding the RCs for new home construction. In addition, they are always available to provide advice and general information on property management to all homeowner. “ – Vera Lawrie, President

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Restrictive Covenants-Schedule A

Restrictive Covenants-Schedule B