8 thoughts on “Bear in The Woods”

  1. Wow! Didn’t think we had black bears in this area!? Saw something that looked similar by our place on Pinery ln last night but didn’t register as a bear as I didn’t get a good look.

  2. Everybody and every animal wants to live in Huron Woods! Haven’t seen any of these fellows since selling our place in Haliburton.

  3. Oohh Wow! That is so unbelievable lovely to see for us but so dangerous for this little bear. Has anyone been able to contact The Ministry of Natural Resources yet? I am on hold with them but still waiting? Our son in law is with the OPP and he just said that if this little being goes to the beach, they will have to shoot it.

  4. Yesterday June 10, I noticed bear poo (scrat) on our property too. Old River Road.

    The authorities can come pick this up if needed for examination.

    I viewed the video that was posted. He doesn’t look very old but seems odd it’s on its own.

  5. I am very familiar with bear encounters coming from Alberta. I also forwarded that website link to Angela. It has lots of great tips. A good start is to deal with garbage and recycling (I think many of us have seen garbage strewn at the roadside this past week). We are advised to wait till pickup day to put out our bins. Perhaps we can assist any neighbours who aren’t here full time to avoid bins being out for many days.

  6. Superintendent, not the supervisor…although he is that as well really…and a very well liked one. 😉

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