Chores Bee

There are a variety of maintenance tasks on the Clubhouse grounds that could be taken care of fairly quickly if we had a crew of helpers. So we are holding a Chores Bee. It’s a bring your own paintbrush, shovel, hammer event.

There’s a range of chores on the list and the list might evolve. You would have your choice of chore. On the list now are: painting the playground equipment, benches and picnic tables; raking/moving gravel downhill along the canoe road (to smooth out some bumps created by spinning tires); some tree branch and wild grape vine pruning; installing brackets on a wall to hold miscellaneous wood; stapling garage sale signs to wooden stakes. We would like to remove kitchen cabinets from a room in the clubhouse basement, but that might not be possible at this time due to covid restrictions.

It’s an outdoor event and physical distancing can easily be maintained. It’s also an opportunity to socialize a bit. Many hands make light work and your help would be very much appreciated. Here are the details:

Chores Bee, Tuesday September 1st, 10:00 am until it’s done, or noon, whichever comes first.

With a lot of helpers, we could finish – or put a real dent in it – by noon. If you like, you can bring a lunch and sit on the grass – not the picnic tables because they will be freshly painted – and socialize afterward. If there are still a lot of things on the list, we can either continue after lunch, or hold another event a week later.

Let us know if you can take part. You can email me or

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