Out of the Woods 11!

As a first year resident of Huron Woods,  the invitation to capture images of the beautiful new world around us really got me going.  Kate and I go for walks with our dog 2 or 3 times a day, through the wood trails, river trails, and the neighbourhood, so it’s been easy to take my camera along on most of them.

For those of you that don’t know me yet … giving me 18 days with an excuse to put a camera in my hand is truly “dangerous” ….  I love photography as you are about to find out.

So thanks for this opportunity. I have had a great time … and in these crazy Covid times, it’s been great to get busy with a project that we might not
otherwise have committed to.

Mike Brown

Spring Love: A Ruby Crowned Kinglet…caught him courting
Social Distancing on the Channel logs
Forest friendly finch
Feeling blue? Try being an Indigo Bunting
Stay healthy! Get your daily vitamin C. Like our Baltimore Oriole
“Chip” chomping on seeds from the chips in the mulch.
Campfire Blue Jay
Indigo Bunting and Rose-Breasted Grosbeak … Social Distancing at “The Feeder Restaurant” .d
CHIP  &  JAY  … Respecting Social Distancing.
Log loungers on the channel
Rivers’ Edge thru Cedars   (this is a “panoramic” cell phone photo)
Log and Flowers at Rivers’ Edge
Pines and bird feeder
Reflecting on How Proud We are to be Canadian …. especially in these Covid times.

6 thoughts on “Out of the Woods 11!

  1. Terrific pictures, you clearly are a talented photographer. Be safe all the best John

  2. Great photos Mike. Welcome. Glad you’ve found the Daily Photo Challenge (now the Weekly Photo Challenge) as much fun as I have.

  3. These are awe inspiring. Thanks for capturing and sharing what we are enjoying but too challenged photographically to capture ourselves.

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