Out of the Woods 10!

I would love to share your face mask stories! Here are a few member photos to get the conversation going. Every time I venture out to buy groceries (which isn’t often) I come home with another story. I’m sure you do too.

This post is a bit late – sorry. (I was lost in the garden, where time both flies and stands still.) By now Sandi has probably doubled the masks sewn! Thank you to those who submitted photos!

Jackie Lyons taking an artistic approach to showcasing her face mask. Thank you Jackie!

Grocery shopping wearing apparel. (Guess who) Submitted by Barb Weido

Here’s a look at some of the 85 I have made. 79 have been distributed around the woods. I suspect they may be a bit more colourful than some people would wish but when you’re a quilter …
I have appreciated the elastic contributions from 5 different families.
Maybe we can get a group photo of everyone wearing them whenever we have a TGIF again.
Sandi Mennill

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