Social Distancing and Sharing the Road

There are a lot of walkers on our road these days.  There are starting to be more bike riders too.

Please be responsible and share our roads in a safe fashion.  It takes more space on our roads to maintain social distancing.  Bikers, if you are approaching people walking, please ring a bell or somehow give notice and likewise social distance.  If you give enough notice, walkers will make way.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Your HWCA Board

2 thoughts on “Social Distancing and Sharing the Road

  1. Could someone explain the rational of dog owners that bag their dog’s business and then drop the bag on the ground on purpose not by accident. I don’t understand this thinking. Am I missing something?

  2. Might I suggest that pedestrians walk against the traffic to make physical distancing easier. Coming across people walking on both sides of the street reduces the ability to keep a safe distance. Also wonder if neighbours want to chat with one another they do so on the same side of the street keeping the appropriate distance. It is difficult to walk between people on opposite sides of the road chatting while trying g to maintain our distance. Thank you

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