Clubhouse Grounds Access Update

The Board has received calls from the OPP and the Lambton Board of Health in recent days, responding to complaints that people were seen on the Clubhouse grounds. It is our understanding that the provincial Order made under Ontario’s Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act closes all outdoor recreational amenities such as our clubhouse property and grounds.

Consequently, we have placed posters  in the windows of the Clubhouse and near the mailboxes advising the property is closed.  Given the complaints of ongoing use of the grounds, this morning the entrances were sealed off with Police Tape.  We have been told that people who ignore the barrier and enter the property may be subject to a fine.

We ask all residents to respect the Order and not enter the property, including the canoe rack area.

Your Board member responsible for oversight of the HWCA facility, Bill Redhead, is allowed to be on the property and in the clubhouse so that he can check on functioning of systems such as the furnace, river water levels and overall facility security. If anyone sees Bill on the property, please do not lodge a complaint.

Thanks for your cooperation.  The OPP, Lambton Board of Health and your Board appreciate it.

Hopefully we will start getting back to “normal” soon.

Joe Mayo President, HWCA Board

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