Out of the Woods 3

Having so many of you come out of the ‘Woodswork’ is fantastic. (Pun credit to Linda.) Linda and I are having so much fun receiving all of your emails. PLEASE keep them coming! Thanks again to those of you who have sent in your isolation activities. 😊

Layla and Wayne. “Another walk please. Just one more.” Submitted by Diane Earle
These are available for anyone in The Woods who might need one. I will deliver. My email address is: sandimennill@gmail.com. Sandi will also share the pattern with anyone that might be interested. Submitted by Sandi Menill
Hello everyone, I am designing medallions each day while we are sequestered . I use the designs for hasty notes, birthday cards and framed pictures. As the supply is growing I may be using them as wallpaper .
Stay well !
Dorothy Donley

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