Out of the Woods!

Welcome to our Virtual Social! We have had such a great response I’m going to break up the updates into a couple of posts! Keep on sending in your updates – we’re not done yet! Thank you to those who have shared so far.

Ginger’s big outing today was her once a week grocery shopping! She is physical distancing in the pottery shed! Submitted by Bill Weber
Two Cast-ons: Pearl Chain Mittens and the #alonetogethersweter. Both pattern s are great for diving into your stash. Submitted by Bev Jay
Bev Jay
Bob Foote succumbs to terminal boredom.
Portrait of our friend Dinnie Greenway on one of her homebred Canadian Sport Horses. A commission, I worked from a photo taken several years ago. I am holding delivery until after the framer re-opens and Seniors Residences will accept visitors. I also do dog portraits. From Brian Tandy
Chris (10224 Pinetree Drive) has been powerwashing anything that doesn’t move! Submitted by Vicki Holmes

Here is one of my abstract paintings that was on display at Gallery in the Grove before the shut down. Submitted by Jackie Lyons
Easter Tree with forsythia branches from the yard. Submitted by Linda Seyler

Attempt at growing Romaine lettuce on the window sill. I somehow don’t think this “crop” will get us through to next week 🙂 Submitted by Barb Dale
Great way to spend a sunny afternoon …. turtle watching. Submitted by Barb Dale

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