Out of the Woods 2!

More Virtual Socializing. Enjoy!

Art Submitted by Earlene Freel
Tom Built the cabinet and I arranged my art! From Earlene Freel
Pandemic craft projects. Submitted by Dawn Todd
Pandemic craft projects. Submitted by Dawn Todd
Cooler days left behind. Submitted by Leo Bax
A crocus screaming “It’s spring out here!” Submitted by Leo Bax
Yellow bench: Photography by Jacque Krech
Turtle Day: Photography by Jacquie Krech
Winter Rest: Photography by Jacquie Krech
Tom and Heather’s house in a reflection. Photography by Jacquie Krech
Time. Photography by Jacquie Krech
April gardening. Leaf lettuce seeds planted in containers with squirrel proofing in place. Submitted by Angela Arenberg
Using onion skins to dye Easter Eggs as my Estonian grandmother used to do. Submitted by Angela Arenberg
5 year old Indy Sloan doing an eggmazing job!  Submitted by Annamarie Bedard.

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