Grocery Shopping Update

Hello fellow isolationists(?) … isolators (?) … neighbours staying isolated,

In our household, our travel quarantine is long over but we are just continuing on isolating and thankful we are doing it here. To help with your grocery shopping choices as you also self isolate, I’m sharing a couple of my own recent grocery shopping experiences.

We called in an order and prepaid for a pickup at Hayter’s Farm. On the way we passed No Frills and Sobeys – both parking lots were full. At Hayter’s there were 2 other cars in the parking lot. We called the store from our car when we arrived. A staff person carried out our order and put it in our trunk as sat in the car. No waiting or delay or physical closeness. In addition to turkey products they also carry frozen vegetables. 

First thing early this morning, I went to No Frills to take advantage of their Seniors’ shopping hour which was to start at 8:00. I was 5 minutes early and the 4th car to arrive. By 8:00 there were about 20 people, standing at appropriate social distances apart, waiting to get in. Not everyone looked like a Senior. It was too busy for my comfort and I went home without shopping.

Instead I placed a grocery order by sending an email to the Foodland in Forest. They called me within a couple of hours to confirm details, get our credit card information and agree on a pickup time. The order was ready by noon, with only one substitution. You have to live in Forest for delivery so we opted for pickup. Again they loaded all the bags into our trunk. No physical closeness. The employees – phone and loading – were very cheery and helpful. The woman who loaded our bags told us – from a distance – she loves shopping for other people. Very sweet. 

I like grocery shopping so I miss doing it in person. Such a first world problem.

If you have shopping or other experiences to share, please send me an email and I’ll post it so all of us can benefit. Angela@hwca.hwca

Sharing photos of our roast turkey and Turkey Madras made with leftovers. I had naan in the freezer and mango chutney made last fall. We are eating well. 😊

On another topic, and following up on the tick post, Barb Smits has let us know that Jon picked up a tick, likely from the Pinery. 

3 thoughts on “Grocery Shopping Update

  1. Thanks Angela for the grocery store update!!! We lose our “ leper “ status on Wednesday afternoon, shopping on Thursday, but I was worried everyone would be there when I was, as your experience turned out!!!! Really like the idea of shopping in Forest……also gets us out for a drive! Much appreciated and thanks so much for these updates! Plus……..the turkey looks delicious!

  2. Looking good, Angela. Thanks for all the effort in keeping our community informed.

    Question…… If I give you my credit card can I get a drive-by, take-out turkey sandwich??

    Joe Mayo

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