Can I help?

Hi Neighbours

Me again. I hope you aren’t getting tired of hearing from me. 😬

So I’ve had a “few” offers from neighbours wanting to help. Offers to help with grocery runs for the self isolated. Offers of meal preparation. One of our neighbours might have bought a little extra toilet paper and is happy to share if you don’t have enough – seriously.

I’ve also heard that there’s interest in hearing how you are all coping. Any tips, creative ideas, strategies or stories you might like to share. You could reply to this post if you are ok with letting neighbours know you are fine, made it home safely, what you are doing to keep entertained.

Any interest in food sharing? To minimize social contact we could use the clubhouse. Leave a jar of soup or casserole in the fridge labelled and dated? I hesitate to mention that. In this neighborhood the fridge could be full by sunset.

Visits with social distancing are possible. Out for our walk we crossed paths with Chris and Louise the other day and decided to walk together. We were on the shoulder, they were in the middle of the road, Oakley (their dog) was conflicted in between. But we got in a visit. So you could book a walking date! There’s hardly any car traffic so during the day not too much risk of being run over.

If you would like help, there are neighbours that sincerely would like to help. Energy to spare. So you would not be imposing. Don’t be shy. Let me know if you could use something. I know people who know people. 🤗 or

2 thoughts on “Can I help?

  1. We are in uncharted waters in Huron Woods…Lambton Shores, County of Lambton and Canada. I am so impressed by the caring and support that is happening across the County. Thanks goes out to everyone for making a difference respecting the health and safety of those in our community that are vulnerable.
    I appreciate Angela’s post keeping our community up to date on COVID-19. I will do my best at keeping the information flowing as it becomes available.
    We must all do our part!
    Thank You!
    Mayor Bill

  2. Hi Angela, I wanted to say that you are doing an excellent job in keeping people connected. I thought I would share my update as a few people knew we were going away and might like to know how things evolved for us. Here is our story:
    We left March 5th to fly to the Philippines via Taipei arrived March 7th and flew onward to the small island of Busanga. We stayed in Coron town and had 3 days of excellent snorkeling. What a beautiful country! On the island, there were minimal indications of a virus problem but we tried to be as safe as possible. On March 13th on our way to Busanga airport, we found out that this was the last day flights were going to go out of Manila to any of the islands. The airport in Manila was jammed packed as word had gotten out that Manila was shutting down all flights in 2 days which they did. We nervously waited 6 hours for our ongoing flight to Taipei trying to find a quiet corner. We arrived in Taipei to find emails from home that Canada was asking all to come home by the 23rd. We weren’t supposed to return till the 31st but we managed to get that changed to the 20th.We had another week planned in the tiny island of Palau but cancelled that as well. As word from home got progressively worse, we did try for an earlier flight but there were no seats available. We had planned a private tour around Taiwan anyway so decided to go ahead with it. I must say Taiwan was probably the safest place we could be at that point. The whole country had stringent protocols in place – temperature reading on a daily basis and hand sanitizer applied every where and social distancing was practiced. I must say though we breathed a big sigh of relief to have our temperatures read normal the afternoon of our flight home.
    And now we have our 2 weeks of relaxation and contemplation at home and feel fortunate to be among those who did make it home healthy (so far). Between good friends, a kind neighbour and the Whole Pig, we have everything we need.
    I hope all of you are as fortunate.
    Barb and John Smits

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