Animal Rescue Craft Guild

It’s been heartbreaking to helplessly watch the devastating news of the Australian wildfires unfold.

A Facebook group has been formed and mobilizing crafters around the globe, providing direction on where help is most needed, patterns and updates. If you are interested in learning more and have a Facebook account, check out the Animal Rescue Craft Guild. I’m providing a couple of screenshots to help you find the page and to give you an idea of what’s needed. 

Quoting from a Global news article: 

Crafters across the globe are getting to work for a good cause to help koalas, joeys and other animals injured in the Australian wildfires

The Animal Rescue Craft Guild has banded together in support of the country’s wildlife, ferociously knitting and sewing mittens and pouches for animals affected by the disaster.

The group is also making nests for smaller animals, as well as wraps for bats and diapers for younger creatures separated from their mothers.

Thank you to Jackie Aldworth and Lisa Bruce for sharing this. 

If you have trouble finding the patterns, send me an email at

2 thoughts on “Animal Rescue Craft Guild

  1. Good afternoon,

    would it be possible to have the patterns of the knttied animal pouches and the crochet nest emailed to me as the residents at our aged care facility would love to do some knitting for you.

    thanks so much, regards, Jane

  2. Hi, myself and my mom would like to sew pouches and what ever else maybe needed for the animals in Australia. Please let me know how we could help.

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