Be Safe. Be Seen.

Your new black track suit is gorgeous. You look great in it. But….

It’s winter. It gets dark early. In Huron Woods it gets very dark.

When walking at night, please wear bright or reflective clothing. Even better, carry a light.

Oh, and walk on the correct side of the road please.

Ontario Highway Traffic Act – Part 10
Duties of pedestrian when walking along highway – 179.

(1) Where sidewalks are not provided on a highway, a pedestrian walking along the highway shall walk on the left side thereof facing oncoming traffic and, when walking along the roadway, shall walk as close to the left edge thereof as possible. R.S.O. 1990, c. H.8, s. 179 (1).

Thanks to member Keith for this reminder.

PS. Drivers, it is dark for you, too. Slow down please.

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