Bill’s Canoe Rack News

We have a couple of projects on the go to spruce up the area around the canoe racks. We are adding a layer of gravel in front of the racks to firm up the footing. We are also installing drainage channels on the driveway down to the racks to prevent washout gullies from forming. The foliage around the racks will be trimmed back as time and ambition permits.

As you probably know, we have a waiting list for spots on the racks.

There are some canoes/kayaks that have not moved in years. If you have a canoe or kayak that you think may use, but you’re just kidding yourself, let me try to sell it for you. Don’t forget that there is a loaner canoe and paddles available for your annual excursion down the Channel.

All canoe rack spots remain the property of the Association. If you sell your canoe, the spot reverts to the Association for reassignment. This is the only fair approach given that people may have been on the waiting list for some time.



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