Clubhouse Revitalization Fundraising

On behalf of your Board, I want to shout out the biggest possible “Thank You” to all residents who jumped on the bandwagon for our Fundraiser. It is exciting to know so many share a common vision for our beautiful Huron Woods and Clubhouse property. The Donation Tree in the Clubhouse will be sprouting new leaves like Springtime!

Your generosity exceeded my wildest dreams. More donations have been pledged for this week. It is possible we will have enough funds to get a quote for replacing the old railway ties along the west edge of the driveway with big stones. That would really make a visual difference.

The stone retaining wall along the east side of the driveway is complete at an approximate cost of $1000. The gravel for the muddy area in front of the canoe racks is almost complete at an approximate cost of $900. Material for the rain-water diversion gates on the driveway to the canoe racks is onsite at an approximate cost of $400. Bill Redhead will probably call for volunteers this week for the diversion gates project. The Board will give a complete and accurate summary of each project when it has final numbers.

The next project up will be refreshing the area between the driveway and children’s play area. We have some exciting suggestions regarding what to do and should finalize a plan by end of week.

Thank you all again. I am bursting with pride in our community.

Joe Mayo

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