Announcing The Great HWCA Clubhouse Grounds Revitalization Project!

As we all know, your neighbour and Board member Bill Redhead does an amazing job of maintaining our Clubhouse property for very little cost. He is a master at accumulating good materials for reuse and recruiting volunteers for projects.

This Summer the HWCA resurfaced the tennis courts with funds from our reserves and plans to resurface the basketball area next Spring, also with reserve funds.

We run a tight ship, always conscious of our budget. However, some projects do require new material and real dollars beyond our budget. Consequently, your Board is organizing a fundraiser for some projects that should enhance the first look we see when entering and increase the value of our member owned property.

Project examples include;

A stone retaining wall along a portion of the east side of the parking lot.

Drainage “gates” to reduce washouts along the driveway to the canoe area.

New gravel in front of the canoe racks where it is very muddy (we have ABCA approval).

New matching posts in a different layout separating the parking lot from the children’s play area.

Signage for a Handicap Parking space next to the Clubhouse entrance ramp.

Additional repairs to the storage shed (doors replaced this year).

Replacement of old, rotten railway ties by the basketball court with a stone retaining wall.

Replacement of old railway ties along west side of parking lot with large rocks.

The objective of the projects is to reduce or eliminate the need for ongoing maintenance. Without Bill Redhead the Association would be spending more money with outside suppliers. We want to do some of the projects this Fall. The work would be completed by volunteers. We request your consideration.

Participation in the fundraising is completely voluntary. Please don’t feel pressured. We can say that some members have already expressed support for the idea. Any amount is helpful. Any donation equal to or greater than $100 will earn a leaf on the Donation Tree in the Clubhouse.

If you want to participate, please send an online transfer to or drop a cheque in the mailbox under the deck at the Clubhouse. In either case please highlight that the donation is for the fundraiser. If funds raised exceed the need for these projects, remaining funds will be reserved for future projects. We will account for the money and project cost separately so you can request an accounting from the Board at any time. Donations by October 15 would most helpful.

Thank you in advance.

Your HWCA Board

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