Silk Painting Workshop

We would like to offer a Silk Painting Workshop this fall if there is interest. Please look over the details below and let me know if you are interested by sending at email to

The Artist: Arale Vallely. You may be familiar with her work if you have visited the Sunset Gallery on River Road.

Timing and Location: Noon to 5:00 this fall. The date will be finalized once we know who is interested. The project will take about 4 hours to complete so the time block allows for a break. The workshop will take place in our Huron Woods Clubhouse.

Fees: The cost of the Workshop is $80 per person. This includes all materials and setup. If we have more than 5 people interested there will be a 10% discount.

The Project: A 12” by 16” Silk Painting. A photo of the art is included

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