Turtle Watchers!

Spotted this beautiful girl on our street this morning. She has been digging in a couple of spots trying to trick us. So they will likely be out and visiting on your property too if you are near the Channel. Have you spotted any yet? Add a comment below if you have!

5 thoughts on “Turtle Watchers!

  1. My daughter Susan and I canoed up the river towards Grand Bend a week ago Tuesday and saw a giant snapping turtle in the old Aux Sables river channel .Happy to see that it is turtle egg laying time . About ten years ago Joan & I watched from afar with amazement as a turtle on Tom Stewart’s property layed and buried with her strong legs 10 turtle eggs .

  2. It’s always great to hear about other sightings. We had one in our driveway yesterday morning…. I didn’t see any signs of it digging though.

  3. We had one visit us this morning too. She dug herself in and then even though we thought we had an eye on her, suddenly she was gone.

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