Big Bin Day Recap

The HWCA had another successful Big Bin Day for members today.  We had three bins filled to overflowing by about 10:45 AM, with every kind of stuff imaginable!
We apologize to the two members who had to be turned away because we had no more room in the bins.
Thanks so much to our amazing volunteers.
Linda Seyler, Tom Stewart, Scott Irwin,  Bob Foote, Leo Bax, Clare Shantz, Doug Graham, Paul Mennill, Joe Mayo, and our honourary supervisor Bill Redhead.  What a team!

If you have junk/waste to dispose of before our next Big Bin Day, feel free to call Kevin or Kathy at Direct Waste.  519-238-2525.
Huron Woods Community Association

One thought on “Big Bin Day Recap

  1. A well greased machine that got you checked in and checked out.
    Class bunch of friendly neighbors.

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