HW Garage Sale Update

It’s a GO!

Our Community Garage Sale is formally ‘a go’!  A total of 27 households have signed up and emails are still coming in. 

Of course anyone can take part on the day. By sending me an email in advance it helps with a couple of things.
🏼 Knowing where to put signs directing buyers to your sale. Some folks find our neighbourhood confusing to navigate (!) so we will put up signs at intersections to help folks find you.
🏼 Knowing numbers allows us to let the community know how big of a sale we are having. Right now it feels like we are pushing 30 households participating. With our advertising we can claim (potentially) ‘OVER 30 households’
—> And it gets you on our mailing list so we can communicate with you directly!

If you forget to email in advance or wake up on June 1st in the mood to take part, go for it! The more the merrier.

There have been a couple of suggestions/inquiries about putting out Free Stuff during the sale. Great idea! If you have stuff you don’t want, but don’t have time or interest in the Garage Sale, you can put it at the end of your driveway clearly labelled ‘Free. Help yourself’. With a little luck it will be picked up and taken away with zero effort on your part.

Restore Update
A pickup truck is booked for June 5th (and June 12th too). We can work out the pickup details after the Garage Sale when we know more about what we have to donate. We may be at their mercy with pickup times, as they are a charity staffed by volunteers.

Please send me an email if you have any questions, comments, suggestions. Angela@hwca.ca

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