Huron Woods Photography

What a great session!

Thank you to Tom Stewart for sharing his beautiful travel pictures and his tips for taking photographs. Thank you from Tom to all of you who attended, and there were a lot of us there to enjoy the show. I’m sure many of us were inspired and ready to apply a few of the techniques – Tom made it all sound so easy.

So a reminder that we have our own Huron Woods Photography group. All HWCA members are welcome to drop into any meeting. Meetings are an opportunity to join a community of photography enthusiasts who are also neighbours, to discuss, get inspiration, share and enjoy photographs and the process. Here are the details:

Huron Woods Photography Group

First Tuesday of the month

7:00 to 9:00 pm


Contact: Tom Stewart



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  1. Thank you Tom for a great presentation. Most interesting. Thank you Angela for all your work; much appreciated.

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