Clubhouse Photography Contest!!

Calling all HWCA members with photographic interest to participate in a contest to take a picture of the clubhouse for the front cover of the Annual General Meeting Report. (AGM)

This is an opportunity to take creative license and photograph your impression of the clubhouse, it’s surroundings, its flora and fauna, and other perspectives that you may wish to represent on the cover of the AGM Report. Use any means you wish, and submit your entry by May 22nd to be judged by a prestigious panel.

The winner will present a creative version that would suggest how the clubhouse and it’s grounds are enjoyed by membership.

The only rule is that it must be a photo taken between May 2 and May 22, and exclude people for privacy. 

This is an exciting opportunity for everyone in HWCA. Although one winner will be selected for the front cover of the report, all entries will be featured at the Directors open house in December.

To submit your photograph click the button below and upload your file.

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