Canoe Rack Update from Bill Redhead

Do you have a canoe spot you are not using? If so, please give it back to the HWCA.

Do you have a canoe that is beyond repair? Let’s get rid of it and replace it with a newer canoe. Give your spot back to the HWCA if you are finished using your canoe.

Do not give you spot back if you think you or your family members may still get some enjoyment out of having a canoe by the water. If you don’t see that happening please give your spot back to HWCA.

Would you like help with selling your canoe or kayak? I (Bill) may be able to help. In the past we have sold 5 or 6 for asking price.

The GOOD NEWS is that there is a spot available now! Call Bill Redhead at 519-238-2980 and he will fill you in on the conditions of the agreement.

P.S. Request from Bill. Please don’t accost me in public and yell at me! (wink and smile)

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