Message from the HWCA President

I would like to announce two exceptionally skilled members of our Huron Woods community have joined the HWCA Board of Directors in the last few months.  Janet Froud and Dave Buss are now adding significant value to the continued smooth functioning of your Board.

Dave joined the Board last fall after a career in finance and accounting.  He is the new Treasurer.  Thanks to Dave, Sue Kueneman and Tom Stewart, your community has an updated accounting of Asset Values and Reserves.

Janet joined the Board this April after a career in the legal profession.  She is currently working with Angela Arenberg and Chris Heinz as your Board updates the guidelines for use of our very successful website. 

Both Janet and Dave have generously offered their time and experience as a way of giving back to our community.
Thank you to you both.
Joe Mayo – President.

Please note that HWCA members, registered to the Website can view the Board of Directors list in the “Members” section of the site. You must be logged in to view this document. If you need assistance please contact

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