How to Report Issues to keep our community safe

Occasionally the help of a bylaw officer might be needed to help keep our community safe and clean. On the Lambton Shores website there is a ‘Report It’ page with handy links to help you reach out. A Board member can be a first point of contact if you have an issue or concern. We will let you know when your issue might need the attention of a bylaw officer.

2 thoughts on “How to Report Issues to keep our community safe

  1. Great question!
    Throughout the year the HWCA Board receives comments and questions from members and non-members alike regarding things like parking, speeding, fireworks, dumping etc., in Huron Woods. This Municipal Page has links that allow users to ask questions on these and many other topics. From time to time the Board chooses to make these communication options known to followers of our website.
    Thanks for your question. We hope this helps.

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