Treasurer Position Available for HWCA Board 2018-2019

HWCA is looking for a member of the association who would be willing to join the board and take on the important role of Treasurer. The role does not require a licensed accountant but requires a considerable degree of comfort with financial procedures, statements, and software. HWCA is on a sound financial footing with a well-structured financial plan.

The Treasurer is responsible for issuing invoices for the dues, making bank deposits, paying invoices, advising the board on investments, preparing regular financial statements, and liaising with the accountant who completes the annual financial review.

The busy time for the role is in the early spring and the quietest time is over the winter months. The majority of the work is transactional and requires only a basic knowledge of accounting principles.

In addition to the support of the board the Treasurer can rely on past-treasurers to answer questions or provide advice.

Please contact Joe Mayo – Nominating Committee

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