Questions? Comments?

Our web site has an quick and easy way to raise questions or concerns to the Board.

Just click on the Contact Button on the main menu.

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The page below will open.

Just fill in the blanks, click submit and your topic will reach the Board.

You should hear back by email withing 24 hours. Many times these comments also turn into topics for the Blog page.

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2 thoughts on “Questions? Comments?

  1. Hello HWCA Board! I have suggestion regarding the frequency & number of posts that go out to members from the new website. The frequency has increased significantly, sometimes several a day. If not urgent information that members need to see immediately, could the emails be coralled and sent once or twice a week rather than every day? I have received feedback that the posts are now too frequent (some have said “over the top’). Food for thought. I leave this to your good judgement.

  2. I love the postings. Doesn’t bother me. Keeps us informed. Really not a bother.

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