On behalf of the Beach Of Pines board,

As a courtesy, we thought you may wish to know that we have hired security patrols for our gate on the long weekends this summer.
There are always non-authorized people attempting to gain beach access on weekends, but it is worse on the holiday weekends,
Also, last summer a few of our newer members have attempted to keep people from sitting on the beach in front of their cottages. We have clarified this issue by sending a newsletter to our members to inform them that all BOP and HWCA members are entitled to use the beach for normal recreational purposes.
We will continue to keep your Board informed of any issues of mutual interest.
-Rod Dale

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  1. Huron Woods community Association

    Thank you very much for forwarding the the notice received from the Beach of Pines Board. I do not question the motivation of either board. In fact the courtesy of Beach of Pines is a much appreciated gesture.

    That said allow me a few personal observations.

    1. While I am a strong supporter of HWCA it should be noted that access to the beach is dependent on the right of ways HW property owners hold through these rights being legally registered on the appropriate deeds. It is not dependent on membership in HWCA. (There may or may not be a different situation for residents of Beach of Pines given the ownership structure of roads and rights of way in BOP.) The various initiatives undertaken by our association to facilitate/encourage HW property owners to maintain their individual access righst is of course very much appreciated.

    2 The actions of Beach of Pines to enforce their ownership rights over the access points probably in the long term supports the HW property owners who enjoy rights of way over the same access paths.

    3. It is a helpful sign that Beach of Pines have attempted to clarify the right to use the beach in front of beach front properties. Perhaps it is a drafting mistake but the use of the beach strip along the lake shore is a separate matter than access to the beach. The right to use the shore line beach is not dependent on membership in either association nor one’s status as a property owner. Use of shore line beaches in Ontario is open to all. While in some parts of the province property owners’ rights do extend into the water I am not aware that this is the case along the POB shoreline. Also the public’s right to use the shoreline beach is quite a separate matter than its use of much wider and publicly maintained beaches/parks such as the “Public Beach” at the foot of Main Street.

    4. In the past it has been necessary to request the security patrol hired by BOP to not maintain their vehicle with the engine running for hours to power the radio and other car functions. Perhaps a gentle reminder on this matter to whoever they hire would be in order.

    5. As a gesture of good will and community spirit, perhaps HWCA might consider an offer to help organize any Tuesday morning (after the Monday long weekends) beach and access cleanup in co-operation with BOP. I would likely be available early May 22 and July 3.

    Thanks to the HWCA board for your continuing hard work and dedication

    Charles Donley 10426 Pinetree Drive 519 238 5918, 416 233 0113

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