HWCA Website Update

Hello Subscribers!

We now have 210 followers (subscribers) on our website. Thats so awesome! We are hoping to use the website to help improve communication and feedback to our Association members and leadership. You will see more changes to the site throughout the summer.

As a subscriber you will recieve an email from the website on any new post and you can review the information without actually visiting the site. There are a few shortcommings to this method that we would like to bring to your attention.

If the post contains audio or video the email may not display the media due to security settings with your email client. Mac users avoid Flash and without Flash Player installed and enabled you won’t see the content in your email.

So as an example, TGIF slide shows may not display properly in your email but will if you visit the site. This was true for my Macbook Pro.

So if you find the email  topic intersting, we recomend that you actually click on the hyperlink in the email and visit the site.

We will post other website tips in the next few days.



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