A Tribute to Mary Lynn Hill – Former Woodpecker Blog Master

On behalf of the Huron Woods Community Association, the HWCA Board of Directors  would like to acknowledge Mary Lynn HIll  for her significant contribution to the founding and management of The Woodpecker Blog. This mode of social communication was important to the community over a long period of our history, and it provided information, a sense of belonging, and sharing of comments and news that kept our association well informed and well connected. Mary Lynn was  central to the effectiveness of this blog, and spent many hours figuring it out, managing the information, and keeping people connected. We extend our sincere gratitude  for all that she has done to make the Woodpecker such a great success.

As we turn a new page in the way we communicate with the inauguration of the HWCA website, and the retirement of The Woodpecker Blog, we know that the new website could not have happened without the Woodpecker Blog and Mary Lynn’s  efforts to establish it as an integral mode of communication.

The HWCA is indeed a unique community that is held together by those who truly care. It’s not possible to count the cost of those like Mary Lynn and others who make this such a wonderful community to live in.

We wish Mary Lynn, and her husband Don, success as they pursue their new adventures.

With sincere thanks,
Halyna Doherty
President, HWCA

7 thoughts on “A Tribute to Mary Lynn Hill – Former Woodpecker Blog Master

  1. We are very lucky to have the Blog and the role it’s played in shaping our community. Thank you Mary Lynn for making a difference!

  2. Mary Lynn’s energy and commitment to Huron Woods is special and we are lucky to have her and Don as valued members of our community. Thank you so much for making our experience in Huron Woods so much better.

  3. Mary Lynn, thank you for all of the pioneer work that you did on the blog. For the final product that we see and for the hours of work that you put in behind the scene to create and manage the blog.
    Also a big thank you for the tremendous job that you did getting the past ten years of HWCA documents into SharePoint. This is work that will be of great benefit to future.

  4. Mary Lynn, I Just saw this. From the beginning both Ina and I have always commented on your seemingly tireless work here. We are happy to see it acknowledged.
    You deserve the accolades.

  5. A special thank you to Mary Lynn for all her tireless work for the community! Her efforts run far beyond the blog! From spearheading legal requirements, to her service on the board, to being a wonderful resource and her consistent help with the annual AGM package and so much more, we are so fortunate to have her as part of our community!! Thank you Mary Lynn!! All your efforts are very much appreciated!!

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