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The following is information posted in the Living in Lambton Shores Weekly Newsletter that members may find of value.
As Spring will soon set in and winter is coming to a conclusion the Municipality would like to remind people of Lambton Shores By-law 68 of 2001. This was a By-law implemented to regulate the maintenance of land in the Municipality of Lambton Shores.
Please be mindful that all yards shall be kept in a neat and tidy condition, free from rubbish, garbage, waste and other debris. Free from objects and conditions that are health, fire and accident hazards.
Excessive growth of grass, weeds and other vegetation out of character with the surrounding environment needs to be removed.
Removal of excessive growth of grass and foliage does not apply to lands in a “natural heritage”.
The Spring season is a great time to assess and remove dead, decaying or damaged trees or other natural growth and the branches and limbs which create an unsafe or unsightly condition in preparation for summer.
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  1. I don’t think our yards should be kept in a neat and tidy condition. Our yards should be kept in a natural condition. Nature is not now and never has been neat and tidy. It is, however, lovely, dark and deep. In nature nothing is perfect and everything is perfect.

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