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HWCA Contact Information
The list of the members of the Board of Directors and contact information for the various committees and functions of the board has been updated. The most recent version reflects changes in some of the board responsibilities and also includes email addresses for each of the individuals and committees. This list is now available on the web at our blog – thewoodpecker.blogspot.ca.
This list will also be posted to the notice board by the mailboxes near the clubhouse and in the clubhouse.
Please note that if you are unsure of who to contact with a particular request or concern you can address it to hwca@hwca.ca and it will be forwarded to the correct individual.
Notes from the Weekly Lambton Shores Newsletter
Compost Site CLOSING November 25th, 2017
Leaf Pick Up Program – Fall 2017
Leaves can be bagged and left for pickup by the Community Services Department.  This program is in effect October 16th – November 17th 2017, and is as follows: 
  • All leaves must be bagged in BROWN PAPER BAGS. Clear bags will NOT be accepted. 
  • Only bagged leaves will be picked up; not garbage, clippings or brush please.
  • All bags must be placed at the curb for pickup.
  • Leaves will be picked up sometime during the week as time and quantity dictate.
  • If your leaves are missed please call 519-243-1400, toll free 1-866-943-1400 and pickup will be arranged.
Please be advised that leaves raked onto the street or piles in the street or ditch will not be collected. This poses a danger to pedestrians, bicycles and motorists and can cause drainage problems.
It is that time of year again …Council and staff are beginning the budget process and are currently considering the financial impacts for 2018.    
DO YOU WANT A SAY … Please check out the on-line budget survey at www.lambtonshores.ca/2018budgetsurvey/ for public input into the 2018 municipal budget. 

Does Lambton Shores have your correct contact information?
Please help us update our records with your complete contact information. 

Go to https://forms.lambtonshores.ca/Mailing-address-change and provide us with your current information or call the Grand Bend office at 519-238-8461.  Up to date and complete information ensures that the Municipality can reach you in the event of an emergency.  All information is confidential and for Municipal purposes only. 

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