FEB 24 TGIF – Pictures

The TGIF was hosted by Jill and Val!
Denny’s is sponsoring a show at the Playhouse called “All Shock Up” and Val brought all her posters and a quiz to last night’s party.

I am sorry that the pictures of the contest are blurry, but you can get the idea of what they are trying to do….😊

Martin Ward was the winner, and Ken and Ina Haves took the prize for the quiz by half a point for victory.

A smaller than usual crowd was in attendance but it was a good visit with everyone. 

It was a great night again.

FYI for those that are not back in Huron Woods.  

A major thunderstorm rolled thru the area at 5 and warmer than normal weather this week brought a nice change to our winter.


Our Hosts for the Evening!!!

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