Good Neighbour Reminder

Hello Fellow Huron Woods Residents!

Hope everyone is enjoying the wonderful weather we have been having lately!  With it being the thick of summer, there is much more activity on the roads, paths and at the beach. 
Please be mindful and be a good neighbour by ensuring you remove all trash from any snacks and refreshments enjoyed while walking or at the beach.   You can even do a little extra, and pick up any trash left behind by another beach or path user to help keep our neighbourhood litter free.

We have been advised that there is a dog doing its business and at beach access 5 without the owner “stooping & scooping”.   A gentle reminder to all dog owners of their responsibility to remove evidence of their dog’s bio-functions to avoid others having the misfortune of seeing or worse, stepping in it!

A little effort to keep our neighbourhood clean goes a long way for all of us to enjoy all our community offers outdoors at this time of year!  I am confident I can count on all of us to do our part! 

Thanks in advance for your anticipated cooperation.

HWCA Board of Directors    

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