Important Information Regarding Beach Access

Access to the beach at two of the five Beach O’ Pines/Huron Woods access points has become impassible and unsafe as a result of erosion occurring over the past winter and spring.  The drop-off from the end of the path to the beach is several feet high.  As a result, it is hazardous to drop down to the beach, and impossible to climb back up. This problem has been caused by very high lake levels combined with high winds and dune grass roots holding the sand high on the beach.
The Beach O’ Pines executive is posting signs to warn of the danger stating that beach access # 2 and #4 are closed – for the safety of all.  The sign will read “Beach Access Closed Due to Erosion”.  This will be a temporary measure until the access is safe to navigate and is in no way intended to restrict access.  Both Beach O’ Pines and HWCA place safety of it’s members as a top priority and the intention of the signs is to eliminate potential injury to users of the access.
Our most heavily used accesses, #1, #3, and #5, are currently passible and will remain open, unless the situation changes for the worse.  They will be marked with a sign “Caution – Beach Erosion – Use at Own Risk”.  These signs are not intended to limit right of way, only to serve as notice of the hazard that may exist and the potential for injury.
We ask that any use of the beach accesses at this point be used with extreme caution.  There is no way to control the effects of nature on the beach over the winter and spring.  The only control available to users is to use good judgement when accessing the beach.  We ask all members to exercise caution and avoid potential injury. 
We will keep the membership posted of all developments as they change.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation until the situation at the beach accesses improves.
HWCA Board of Directors


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