Municipal Information – FYI

The following information was received via email from the Municipality of Lambton Shores and I felt it would be of interest to members of Huron Woods.
Mary Lynn 
ABCA High Lake Levels – News Release 

Higher lake levels, shoreline erosion, weather events make it important for property owners to be aware of hazards, risks.

Lake Huron water levels at highest in years; higher water combined with wet ground, natural hazards, pose risks of more gully and bluff erosion; potential slope failure.

Lake levels are the highest they have been in years. These higher-than-average lake levels, combined with large amounts of rain, high winds and wave action due to sparse ice cover has led to erosion at the base of the bluffs and an increase in gully erosion in some areas. This in turn leads to higher risk of slope failures along the lakeshore.

Read the complete news update on Municipality of Lambton Shores website

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