Road Safety Message From HWCA & BOP Board

To All Huron Woods Residents:
An Important Message from

Huron Woods Community Association
 Beach O’Pines Community Association
With spring right around the corner and more residents returning from more southern locations, we see the start of more activity in the Beach O’ Pines and Huron Woods neighbourhood.  With the increase in activity, it is a good time to ask that all residents be conscious of safety when driving or walking the streets within the subdivisions. 
The Beach O’Pines Community Association (BOPCA) places road safety at the top of their priority list and strive to maintain the roads and provide safe passage to all that use them.   BOPCA is in the process of looking at ways to increase the safety at all the beach access points to help avoid any potential accidents.
We ask all residents to be diligent in respecting speed limits when driving through the neighbourhood.  When walking across roads to get to the beach, please ensure you look both ways for oncoming traffic and that both children and pets do not run ahead without checking for vehicular traffic. 
If we all do our part to ensure speed limits are respected and roads are crossed safely, we will all enjoy a safe and incident free summer. 
Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation!
                Vera Lawrie                                                                        Rick Donohue   

President, HWCA                                                             Chairman, BOPCA

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