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The following are items that may be of interest to some of our HWCA Residents.


Burning By-law

Please be advised that the Municipality of Lambton Shores has a By-law in effect that regulates Open Air Burning. Included in the regulations are restrictions on the size of the burn, the type of material that can be burned and the time when burning can occur.
For burns larger than the by-law allows, it may be possible to obtain a permit for an “Open Air Burn”. Applications for Open Air Burn permits are available at the Lambton Shores – Forest Office, and completed applications must be submitted a minimum of 2 working days before the proposed burn date.
The area Fire Chief will inspect the site to determine if the proposed burn conforms to the requirements of the Lambton Shores Open Air Burn By-law. Burns containing prohibited burn materials, or which would violate the requirements in the by-law will not be permitted. Burning in violation of the Open Air Burn by-law will result in fire emergency response charges, and fines from the municipality and/or the Ministry of the Environment.
(Note: All fires, with the exception of a social campfire, in the Village of Grand Bend, including the burning of leaves and brush require a burn permit. These burn permits are available at the Lambton Shores – Grand Bend Office)
These regulations are for the health and safety of our residents, and our community, and we appreciate your adherence to the rules.

Reminder about False Alarm Calls

Residents are asked to take note that emergency responders in Lambton Shores (police, fire and ambulance) have very important and potentially dangerous jobs to do. Responding to “False Alarms” can cause them to be late in responding or miss responding to calls entirely.
Please ensure your security systems are maintained regularly and confirm your contact listing with your company.  Please review the municipal burning policies on the municipal website or contact the administration office for further details.
Accidents do happen and the municipal by-laws allow for that; however, charges may be laid for subsequent false alarm calls.  These chargesrange from $200.00 to $700.00 per event.


Spring Program 2015
Leaves can be bagged for pickup by the Community Services Department. This program is in effect until May 29, 2015, and is as follows:
1.  All leaves must be bagged in BROWN PAPER BAGS. Clear bags will NOT be accepted.2. Only leaves will be picked up; not garbage or brush please.
3. All bags must be placed at the curb for pickup.
4. Leaves will be picked up sometime during the week as time & quantity dictates.
5. If your leaves are missed please call 519-243-1400, toll free
   1-866-943-1400 and pickup will be arranged.

Please be advised that leaves raked onto the street or piles in the street or ditch will not be collected. This poses a danger to pedestrians, bicycles and motorists and can cause drainage problems.


The Lambton Shores Compost Site is now open for the 2015 season.
Hours of operation will be Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9:00am – 2:00pm.
The site is located at 7550 Brush Road adjacent to the Forest Wastewater Treatment Plant.
Leaves and brush material will be accepted. Stumps will not be accepted. Brush and wood must be bundled and no longer than 4 feet in length.
Ratepayers (no businesses) of the Municipality of Lambton Shores can pick up compost and wood chips.

  “There is absolutely no dumping of brush or yard waste at Klondyke Sports Park”

Click here to view this article on the Municipality of Lambton Shores Website

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