Lambton Shores – Leaf Pickup Program – Spring 2015

The following information has been received from the Municipality regarding Leaf Pickup for this Spring.

Leaves can be bagged for pickup by the Community Services Department.
This program is in effect April 13 – May 29, 2015, and is as follows:
1. All leaves must be bagged in BROWN PAPER BAGS.  Clear bags will NOT be accepted.
2. Only leaves will be picked up; not garbage or brush please.
3. All bags must be placed at the curb for pickup.
4. Leaves will be picked up sometime during the week as time and quantity dictate.
5. If your leaves are missed please call 519-243-1400, toll free 1-866-943-1400 and
pickup will be arranged.
Please be advised that leaves raked onto the street or piles in the street or ditch will not be collected. This poses a danger to pedestrians, bicycles and motorists and can cause drainage problems.
Contact the Community Services Department at 519-243-1400 or 1-866-943-1400 or if you have any questions.

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