Thank You Message

Tim Hobbs asked that I pass on  this message to our Community


On behalf of Ann and I...

To all in the community

The last few days have been very very challenging.   We are shaken but recovering.   We are very happy to be unhurt physically.
Our beautiful home is suffering but it can be rebuilt..
The restoration people are doing a great job and we hope some of our more cherished items can be rescued . We have found a place for a month in Pinery Bluffs ….there may be rental accommodation for up to 6 months in Huron 

Woods but we can not reach the owners …if not ……we have been offered this unit until our home is rebuilt .
So many of you helped and offered help….thank you. We were in denial / shock and I apologize if we seemed unappreciative ..we feel truly blessed to be in a community of so many wonderful people ….
We may have to reach out at times for the odd favour …. For now we are thankful for the important things in life. We are happy to have family home for Christmas.
The new year will be a rebuilding of life as we knew it but we will get there..
Thank you all

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