Changes to HWCA Board of Directors

On November 19, the HWCA Board of Directors posted a notice on the Blog announcing the resignation of President Mike Krische. Today, the Board wishes to announce that we have undertaken and completed a process to reconstitute the Board of Directors. Specifically, the Board has appointed two new Directrors to fill the vacancies, and it has elected two people to fill the offices of President and Vice President. To do this, the Board has followed the requirements of the HWCA By-Law No. 1, specifically as stated in sections 8, 11, 12, and 13.

The Board has approved the following changes. Vice-President Paul Mennill is elected as President of the Association. Paul Seagrave and Ken Weido are appointed as Directors. Paul Seagrave is elected as Vice President of the Association. These appointments are all made for the balance of the current membership year.

HWCA members are reminded that three members are normally elected to the Board of Directors each year at the Annual General Meeting in June. The Nominating Committee will be searching for HWCA members who would like to be elected to the Board of Directors for a three-year term. You are invited to give consideration to this opportunity to help with the operation of the Huron Woods Community Association.

HWCA Board of Directors

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