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Resignation of President Krische
The Board of the Huron Woods Community Association regrets to announce the resignation of President Mike Krische, effective November 11. All Board members agree that Mike has done a very effective job in his role as director and president. We are very sad that Mike has found it necessary to resign. Mike has been a talented and personable leader who has demonstrated strength with flexibility, decisiveness with openness, and courage with humility. The Board is now considering the best approach to installing a new president.
Recent events since the July tornado have resulted in a different landscape in the community. The problems have affected all members, although some have suffered much greater losses than others. For many, the emotional impact has been very great. Conflicting opinions existing within the community have been re-emphasized. The Board believes that this is a time for the community to stand together rather than to emphasize our differences.
It seems important to explain that there are some limits to the mandate of the Board. The Board and its committees try to conduct the affairs of the association in the best interests of the whole community. We keep good financial records and respond to community interests and concerns. We act as coordinator for activities and events, and maintain the clubhouse to provide a safe and functional facility for the members. Currently we have been working with municipal government on tornado relief, and with local organizations for reforestation efforts. We are dealing with some legal matters and with relationships with neighbouring organizations.
The Board asks each HWCA member to work co-operatively with members of the Board and its committees in order to continue building the strength and pleasant character of the Huron Woods community.
Prepared by the HWCA Board

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